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2012-07-06 02:35:26 by Scuare

Alright so I know I haven't really done anything other than the battles on this site so far, but I figure now that it's all done I will begin to participate.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm working on my first ever mixtape. I don't know how long It'll take for that to come out, but I'm definitely going to try to post tracks from that on here when it does.

For now I just wanted to say what's up, and let you know that if you want feedback on anything, and are ok with an honest answer then I am your man.

Lastly, I would like to reveal that Suddle, KillBill, and Rav are all the same person.


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2012-07-06 05:08:04

Look forward to your stuff.

Scuare responds:



2012-07-06 07:53:48

Nice, I'll be sure to check it out.

Scuare responds:

I appreciate it


2012-07-06 15:48:05


Scuare responds:

Like candy


2012-07-10 03:26:57

Okay, so i've been on newgrounds for about 7 years. and i'm making this account just for this comment. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING! the rap genre is horrible now, lil wayne, drake, and pittbull. it's horrible.. thank you so much for making me realize it's not completely dead, and there are still REAL rappers.

i grew up with the wu-tang, tupac, snoop, busta, and you're the first thing i've heard since like 2003, i believe. thank you scuare, i personally think you can be the revival of rap itself, and if not be it, you can influence it heavily.

(Updated ) Scuare responds:

My first inclination is to take this as a troll. If its not then I would like to say thank you, but there is still a lot of good rap out there, you just got to look for it. If you liked all those dude you'd probably like Kendrick Lamar. Check out "The Recipe" with Dre. Again thanks a lot, but right now there are a crazy number of awesome artists coming up that are better than me ha.

Edit: Realized this may have been dickish. Just wanted to say again how nice your comment was and i appreciate it.


2012-07-14 14:59:47

I am The Rump Raider

Scuare responds:

yes you are


2012-07-29 15:55:51

Can I be added to some sort of email list for your mixtape? I can PM you my email.

Scuare responds:

I mean im not plannin on any email stuff but if you have a twitter you can follow me @mstrscuare cause i will definitely be tweeting it when it drops. If I'll also probably post here that its out


2012-08-04 03:42:19

You probably don't know what I'm talking about as usual, ............ BUT I was jk anyway :)


2012-08-19 19:16:50

Dude... I've been listening to InDependence all day. You've no idea how much it's helping out. Make more stuff :)

Scuare responds:

I'm really glad you like it. Yea I'm just working on my project, just taking a little longer than expected. I should have at least one new track with a video out in the next couple weeks.